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Commercial Roof Waterproofing - Topps Australia hero image
Commercial Roof Waterproofing - Topps Australia

De Groot Roof Painting has specialised in roof restoration and repairs as well as general painting and decorating for 4 generations. We have partnered with Topps Australia to extend our current offering to our client base with a full commercial waterproofing solution.


The Topps system fits the range of commercial clients, between a full roof replacement and a standard roof restoration/paint.


Generally coming in around 20-30% of a new roof, it is a great financial option for commercial clients.



Topps Products delivers sustainable, commercial roof and industrial roof repair and maintenance systems. Our roof coatings and roof sealants have been protecting and sealing roofs, stopping roof leaks and extending roof life for decades. Topps products have proven durable in over 30 countries and on every continent and in every imaginable climate.


Our roof coating systems work together to restore, protect and enhance the energy efficiency of commercial and industrial buildings. These systems always include a versatile group of surface preparation, reinforcement, roof repair and roof coating products which all work together to improve the performance of your roof.


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