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Protecting The Roof Over Your Head

Our History

DeGroot Roof Painting has been painting and restoring roofs for 4 generations. We’re an Australian owned and operated company situated in regional Victoria and Tasmania. We believe in delivering the highest quality industry standards, which is why the DeGroot family have been long standing members of the Master Painters Association.


Why is painting roofs important to us?

We believe that the roof over your head is a vital first defence against the elements. It is the roof over your head that protects you and your family against the cold, the heat, the wind and the rain. We are passionate about you being comfortable and protected in the sanctuary that is your home. When you engage DeGroot Roof Painting to restore your roof, you are not just getting a roof painter, you are selecting a dedicated team that recognises the importance of the roof over your head to how you live and its importance as a long term investment into the safety and security of your home.


How do we paint roofs?

Our methods have been refined over many years of painting and restoring roofs.  We're leading edge with the latest in technology, equipment and materials and we apply them to each restoration we do using only tried and true techniques.


Throughout the process we ensure your peace of mind. From the moment we quote to the time we show you the end product, we keep you fully informed every step of the way.


Our roof restoration service changes the way you live.

Our clients tell us how surprised they are at the enormous transformation and sense of security that our roof painting service has given their home. That's why we do what we do. We never get tired caring for what's "up top" because ultimately it’s the roof over your head that matters most to us.


A roof which has been properly prepared and professionally painted to our high standard is a great alternative to a costly roof replacement.


DeGroot Roof Painting is rapidly becoming known as the leader in roof restoration with a friendly, efficient team, supported by decades of knowledge.


For us though, it's really simple:

We’re committed to “Protecting the roof over your head.”

Quality Efficient Service. Guaranteed

Want us to help Protect the roof over your head? Contact us today for a free quote!