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Protecting The Roof Over Your Head

We give back to communities


We believe that strong connections make even stronger communities. We live work and raise our families in regional Tasmania and Victoria.

We partner with and support sporting clubs, events, schools and community groups each year and are pleased to lend our financial support to help promote groups making a difference in our communities.

If you have a community group you’d like to speak to us about sponsorship, please contact us at office.degrootroofpainting@gmail.com

Lake Boga Silo Art Project

In 2023 we were contacted by a representative from the Lake Boga community for us to come in and prepare the historic silos in preparation for Tim Bowtell to add to his already amazing Silo Art Projects.

We were soon to jump at the opportunity and get Dulux Acratex on board to help with supplying the product for the project.


The project was happening right next to a working train line which was navigatored well by our team and representatives from v-line Victoria. 


The substrates are old metal silos with substantial rust present and many years of oil, fuel and other residues present. The surfaces were washed thoroughly with our commercial-grade pressure cleaners and spot-ground to remove flaky and scaly rust. The entire surface was then sprayed with one coat of Dulux Acratex Durebild STE which is designed to hold back and limit any further rusting of the substrate.

We then applied two coats of Dulux Acratex Membrane to the entire surface for maximum protection against the elements and to give Tim the best substrate to work with.

As you can see the project looks amazing and we are blessed to have been involved in yet another community art project.


A massive thanks to the Lake Boga community with putting its trust in us as well as Dulux for supplying the product at heavily discounted pricing.

Hopetoun School Tank Project

"Hopetoun P-12 College could not be happier with the service and most importantly, the end result of the work Russell and his team have completed at the school.


What was once an eyesore no longer exists! Thank you de Groot, your generosity and community spirit is commendable."

Nicki Bellinger - Hopetoun P-12 College, Grounds & Buildings Convenor

Colbinabbin Silo Art Project

“On behalf of the Colbinabbin Silo Art Trail Project, we write to extend our thanks

for recent expert preparation works to the Colbinabbin silos in readiness for

Artist design in the coming weeks.

The professionalism and coordination of this work delivered by your team was

outstanding and incredibly well managed. You were both fantastic to work with

and delight to have in Colbinabbin. Please pass on our thanks to the entire De

Groot Roof Painting and Haymes paint members also.

As you are aware the Colbinabbin Silo Art Trail project team have been meeting

for over 12 months now to prepare for what we believe will result in an

outstanding piece of artwork across the six silos at Colbinabbin. Never again will

we have this opportunity and the extensive silo preparation works will

contribute enormously to the success and longevity of the Silo Art Project at


The contribution from De Groot Roof Painting will be recognized on our

Sponsorship Interpretative board to be placed in the viewing area.

Hope to see you back in Colbinabbin soon!

Once again thank you”


View the video on YouTube here

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